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Aventido is an international B2B marketing and PR agency that combines creativity, experience, insight and fresh ideas to deliver innovative and effective marketing, branding and PR in the Assistive Technology sector.

We believe in developing integrated and innovative marketing solutions that add value and answer our clients' briefs and objectives, based upon insight, creativity and the combination of marketing disciplines, ensuring coverage across all media that delivers results and optimises their return on investment.

When it comes to product development, we can deliver first-hand knowledge, insights and creativity based on over 40 years of experience of industry needs and wants, and how these benefit the individual.

Founded by Matt and Antony in 2016 with the underlying Win/Win Principle: we believe in what we do, and who we work with, and we benefit only if we deliver. Since then, creative thinking, design, and application has supported our international client base to deliver successful marketing and PR strategies and market growth in the UK and overseas.

In a nutshell, we work with people, products and organisations we believe in, and that we believe we can help. Through our networks we connect disability professionals with the solutions that support individuals and change lives in education and the workplace.

Antony Ruck

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Dean

Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

Antony has been part of the AT industry since 1999, working with manufacturers, publishers, standards organisations and service providers to deliver first class products and customer experience.

In addition to being the co-founder and CEO of Aventido Limited, he has also provided volunteer support for the British Standards Institute, co-created ATEC (the Assistive Technology Exhibition and Conference), been Chair of BATA, and is the first co-Chair of the newly formed DATEurope.

In 2015 Antony was elected Chair of BATA (the British Assistive Technology Association), a UK membership organisation for AT publishers and manufacturers, service providers, the Assessment community, Trainers, AT users, and Blue-Chip organisations. BATA campaigns for the rights and interests of those needing Assistive Technology, working in collaboration with Government departments such as the Cabinet Office, the Home Office, DfE and DWP.

During his tenure at BATA, and recognising the changing commercial and political landscape in Europe, Antony has worked with colleagues from the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy to found DATEurope – a new European association to represent the digital assistive technology industry.

Antony has presented on the advancement of assistive technology and the AT industry at events such as ATIA, BETT, ATEC, OneCPD, NNAC, ATF Switzerland, and The Workplace Health and Wellbeing Show.

Antony Ruck

Chief Executive Officer

Matt has worked within the IT and Assistive technology field for over 15 years, working for resellers and software publishers across multiple sectors. 

He has fulfilled various roles during his career and brings a wealth of knowledge to Aventido to help shape the offering to current and future clients.

With a background in Marketing, Matt works closely with our clients and our inhouse digital team to ensure that the client’s needs are met.

Matt is also a Council member for the British Assistive Technology Association, having spent 2 years as a board director. He also advises Disability Organisations and Large blue-chip company’s on Assistive technology.

Nikita Archer

Business Development Manager

Matt Dean

Chief Operating Officer

Sam Cock

Product Specialist

Liz Giordimaina

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