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What it's about

In support of the Paralympics, the Aventido team thought it would be fun to host a themed event to engage our network to support the GP Paralympians at the Tokyo games.

This will be an informal fun webinar for all to join and learn about various AT products as well as have the opportunity to win some prizes! 

Aventido will also be making a donation to the GB Paralympic team to help support them in in the Paris 2024 games. 

How it works

Starting from Tuesday 31st August, we will be hosting a series of 15 minute webinars (see the schedule below) and will later be hosting a quiz on the 3rd September based on the previous webinars.

It is important you attend these webinars for two reasons. The first being that within these webinars we will be mentioning specific facts that you will be later quizzed on. Secondly, for each webinar you attend, you will be awarded 1 point, giving everyone the opportunity to be 6 points ahead for the quiz.

We will then tally the scores and will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with amazon gift vouchers.

Register to take part

Please use the below link to register for this event. Although the  webinars will be run across multiple days, you will only need to register once.

Event Schedule

FindMyFlow and Lightkey

Tuesday 31st August at 12pm

TextAid and Pro-Study

Wednesday 1st September at 12pm 

Dragon and Ayoa

Thursday 2nd September at 12pm

The AT Product Olympic Quiz

Friday 3rd September at 12pm



1st Prize

£50 Amazon Voucher

2nd Prize

£30 Amazon Voucher

3rd Prize

£20 Amazon Voucher


In light of this event, Aventido will be making a donation to the Paralympics GB Team to support them in Paris 2024.

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