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About Geco

GECO is a software created by Anastasis Cooperative to help:

  • students learn and develop an effective study method

  • educators create activities to improve and stimulate the basic skills of children/

teenagers with special educational needs

Who is Geco for?

GECO is aimed at students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in primary school,
although, due to its features, it is actually suitable for all students who will benefit from
a multi-channel (visual-verbal, visual-nonverbal, auditory and kinaesthetic) approach to
reading and writing, which is extremely effective.

The educator will be able to create and manage personalised activities for the children
they follow, both within Geco and within the Geco Activity app for Android and iOS.

GECO goes beyond traditional school activities, offering comprehensive support for the growth journey of students with special educational needs. Thanks to its versatility, GECO helps students develop essential skills for independent living and the management of extracurricular activities. Through the 'Activities' environment of GECO, operators can create customized exercises and games that enhance emotional-affective, social, cognitive, communication and language, and motor-practical skills. This allows students to acquire competencies that go beyond mere scholastic learning, preparing them for an independent and participative life. With GECO, students can develop their abilities in a fun and engaging way, making the growth journey a rewarding and meaningful experience.

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Contact Mary

Mary is our GECO Product Specialist, so if you would like to arrange a demonstration or training for your staff, please get in touch and Mary will be happy to assist.

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