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Aventido CEO joins with ATLAS to highlight the positive impact of Assistive Technology

Aventido CEO joins with ATLAS and other sector heads to highlight the positive impact of Assistive Technology, at the House of Lords.

On the 4th October 2022, Aventido CEO, Antony Ruck was a key speaker at the Assistive Tech In The UK Ecosystem event, organised by ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society).

The event was a launch of the findings of the ‘Assistive Tech in the UK’ interactive report developed by ATLAS hosted by Roxy Iqbal, Project Lead at ATLAS. According to ATLAS, by 2030, globally 1 billion people will need an assistive technology product but currently, only one in ten people have access to this key life-changing technology.

The meeting itself highlighted how the UK Assistive Tech industry is leading the development of this sector globally with 170 companies currently developing and providing products into sectors such as Assistive Care Services, Education, Home Care, and Smart Homes.

Aventido CEO, Antony Ruck at the Assistive Tech in the UK launch at the House of Lords on the 4th October 2022. Photo courtesy of ATLAS

In his address, Antony brought an international perspective to the meeting with his role not only as CEO of Aventido but also as Co-President of DATEurope (Digital Assistive Technology Industry Association for Europe), expounding the role that the UK AT industry has in influencing the world-wide development of assistive technology as a whole. Antony shared how the UK AT Industry brings an internationally competitive leadership position and in many ways links different organisations across the globe to accelerate the social profits of assistive technology for all.

Antony stated at this meeting that:

“The purpose of Assistive Technology is to maintain or improve an individual's functioning and independence and thereby promote their well-being… if there was a more ethical goal for anyone, then surely what could be better than to invest in those technologies that achieve those aims?”

As a part of this global effort to work together to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence, Aventido has become a key player in bringing essential assistive technology to those that need it by marketing assistive technology here in the UK, that has been developed at home and abroad.

Aventido is always keen to collaborate with assistive technology developers who want to make a positive impact on those who need their technology in order for them to operate at their best within Education as well as the Workplace.

You can contact Antony to find out more by clicking the banner below:


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