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Unlocking Accessible Literacy Support: Welsh Students Benefit from Text-to-Speech Technology

Updated: 2 days ago

Could this piece of assistive technology accelerate Welsh literacy learning in Wales?
Could this piece of assistive technology accelerate Welsh literacy learning in Wales?

In a significant leap forward for Welsh literacy education, the availability of text-to-speech technology in Welsh is poised to transform accessibility for students studying in the Welsh language, particularly those who are neurodiverse.

Traditionally, supporting literacy in Welsh has presented unique challenges. However, with the introduction of ReadSpeaker TextAid in Welsh, these barriers are rapidly diminishing. This advancement is not only a game-changer for Welsh-speaking students but also marks a pivotal moment in ensuring equal access to educational resources.

stimated that about ten percent of the population uses the Welsh language.

ReadSpeaker TextAid in Welsh

Pupils or students who need to use the Welsh language can gain access to and write Welsh text knowing that they can listen to the text being read out in Welsh. This is helpful for comprehension as well as for proofreading coursework. For learners of Welsh, TextAid also provides Google Translate integration to support translations of text which can then be read out. Users of the software can choose to have the user interface in English or Welsh too.

Creating inclusive learning environments for all 

The integration of text-to-speech technology into Welsh literacy programs opens doors for students with diverse learning needs. By providing auditory reinforcement alongside written text, this technology offers invaluable support for comprehension, pronunciation, and fluency. It levels the playing field, empowering students to engage more deeply with Welsh-language material and fostering a greater sense of confidence in their abilities.

Moreover, the availability of text-to-speech in Welsh aligns with broader efforts to promote inclusivity and accessibility in education. It reflects a commitment to accommodating the needs of all learners, regardless of linguistic background or learning style. With this technology at their fingertips, students can navigate Welsh-language texts with greater ease and independence, strengthening their literacy skills in the process.

ReadSpeaker TextAid, which is available for schools as well as the DSA for undergraduates, can help with the following:

  • Confidently proofreading Welsh coursework.

  • Boosting Welsh literacy comprehension and engagement with Welsh text.

  • Translation of Welsh text.

  • Improving grades within a Welsh Medium school context.

Want to find out more about boosting Welsh language and literacy skills using ReadSpeaker TextAid? Click the banner below.


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