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How to access text whilst on the go.

How to access text whilst on the go.

Text-to-speech technology has developed so well over the years that now it is available to use within so many different contexts such as at university or within the workplace in order to remove the barriers of accessing text. Equally, information technology has advanced so much that accessing information on electronic media such as websites and documents can be done on many different types of tech including mobile technology such as tablets and phones.

In fact, if you do a Google search on the number of people who now access the internet using mobile technology then you will see statistics reporting that more than 80% of internet users are doing this using a mobile phone.

With the development of mobile technologies come the challenges associated with using a smaller screen as well as difficulties with visual impairment or reading difficulties associated with neurodiversity (dyslexia).

The need to have text read out on a mobile device has never been so pertinent as so many of us access information on the go.

When we consider the use of technology to access information, one of the challenges of incorporating assistive technology into the day-to-day work activities, is the ability to work across platforms, for example, using text to speech to read out a PDF document on a laptop and then being able to read out the same document on a mobile phone whilst traveling to one’s next meeting. It can be difficult to find text-to-speech technology that allows this kind of cross-platform flexibility.

Mary Wilcox at Aventido recently filmed a short video about how to read websites on a mobile phone using TextAid.

TextAid is a browser-based software product that reads out text. Because it is browser-based, it is, therefore, able to work independently of whatever technology platform one is using it with. Each user has their own profile that they log into and with that comes the ability to build a library of documents that one can to refer to. The user can read PDF documents that they have stored as well as be able to access text from multiple websites.

What are your thoughts?

Are you a text-to-speech user within a workplace setting as well as whilst on the go? What are your thoughts about how TextAid meets the needs of the busy professional who needs to have text read out on mobile phones as well as within the office?

We would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about TextAid or other technologies that can help with unlocking neurodiverse potential in the workplace then do check out the Aventido YouTube channel or if you would prefer a demonstration TextAid, then click the banner below to contact Mary to arrange one.


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