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How to improve productivity in the workplace using a spelling and grammar checker

How to improve productivity in the workplace using a spelling and grammar checker

The humble keyboard has become the mainstay device of use on desks across the world. An interface between one’s words and phrases in one’s mind and the computer being used to write articles, reports, emails, and other text-based ways of communicating information.

If the keyboard has become so popular due to the ability to quickly get information communicated, then I wonder if there is a way to improve productivity beyond that which the keyboard has already delivered?

Surprisingly, the team at Aventido has discovered gains in productivity from an unusual source, a spell checker called Lightkey.

So how can a spell checker improve productivity?

There are two perspectives to consider this from:

  1. Neurodiversity including Dyslexia.

  2. General productivity gains.

Neurodiversity including Dyslexia.

Anyone who works within a role that requires the use of written communication will inevitably be using a PC, laptop, or some other computing device. Whether one is using a physical or on-screen keyboard, it requires the ability to accurately use spelling and grammar. Whilst there are many ways of checking spelling and grammar on devices, with dyslexia, the need to write content can be overwhelming and procrastination can reduce productivity. So it is great to have spelling and grammar checking in place that for some will build confidence to write in the workplace, for others it could be that a more engaging way of checking spelling and grammar is important that encourages the user as they seek to get better at writing.

General productivity gains.

Neurodiverse or not, making gains in productivity is something that many of us seek within the workplace. Savings in time can mean improvements in profitability or in managing costs or providing a better service.

There is nothing worse than writing a document, email, or some other piece of written work that has had time spent on it, only to find that there are spelling and grammar mistakes that somehow take the focus away from the point of the document. Added to this, if a piece of work is returned for amendment or confusion arises due to a poorly crafted written piece of copy, then time can be wasted, the writer is embarrassed and the costs can increase.

How Lightkey has improved productivity at Aventido.

Most of the team at Aventido has Lightkey installed. Lightkey is a real-time spelling and grammar checker that makes suggestions as one types. It learns the way that the writer uses the English language (as well as other languages) and even suggests multiple word phrases or sentences.

Whilst all this is taking place, Lightkey is also measuring the user’s typing speed, how many words are getting corrected, and how the user is improving in their writing efficiency with their typing over time.

The following picture shows the personal metrics for this particular content writer:

Lightkey personal metrics over a 12 week period of use.

So whilst I consider myself to be a fairly competent typist the metrics show that I have saved 8.27 minutes of typing time and have improved my typing efficiency by 0.8%. This is nice to see but how does this really mean that I have made gains in productivity?

If you look at my average daily typing time, it states that it is 15.7 minutes. So if you use that value as an indication of an average day’s work, then the saving is the equivalent of about half a day’s work over a three-month period.

Check out the video below to find out more about my experience of using Lightkey.

In looking at the rest of the Aventido team’s metrics, a couple of the team members seem to have saved about two days' worth of typing time whilst also improving their typing efficiency.

What’s the impact of using Lightkey as a productivity tool?

Just amongst the Aventido team, we saw that in using a spelling and grammar checker such as Lightkey, the team members were able to deliver written work with improved efficiency as well as accuracy with the unexpected benefit of saving between one to two days' worth of typing time over a three month period.

It is thought that when using Lightkey, there would be increased levels of benefit for those who can type but have difficulties with using spelling and grammar accurately. Having real-time suggestions whilst ‘on task’ will aid confidence and productivity and over time we would expect to see an increase in productivity.

Want to know more about Lightkey by joining one of our webinars or by arranging a demonstration with our product specialist, Nikita Archer? Click here.


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