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The Disabled Students’ Allowance Modernisation Update 2022

The Disabled Students’ Allowance Modernisation Update 2022

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, Student Finance England presented an update on the modernisation of the Disabled Students’ Allowance Scheme for England and Wales.

In the video below, Antony Ruck, CEO of Aventido, gives a summary of what was shared to almost 300 representatives for student bodies, technology, and training suppliers.

Antony gives an insight into the following:

  • What are the driving influences of The Disabled Students’ Allowance Modernisation Update 2022?

  • What does the modernisation encompass?

  • What does the proposal look like?

  • What timescales should we be expecting?

As plans for the Disabled Students’ Allowance for England and Wales develop, Antony and the team at Aventido will keep you up to date on what is happening.

We will be providing updates on this website as well as the Aventido LinkedIn page which you can find and then follow by clicking here.

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Antony Ruck
Antony Ruck
07 mar 2022

Hi Barry. It's our understanding that SFE/SFW require bids for the end-to-end process of assessment, supply and training.

Me gusta

Have I got this right - if you are an assessment centre currently but are not able to supply IT equipment and / or training you won't be able to tender?

Me gusta
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