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Why it is important for students with Dyslexia to have access to Assistive Technology.

Why it is important for students with Dyslexia to have access to Assistive Technology.

Working within the world of Neurodiversity, one meets so many wonderful people who have found their own strategies for coping through education and onwards into the workplace. Sadly, there are many people here in the UK who do not get the support that they need throughout their years in education which can affect opportunities later in life.

When young people and adults with Neurodiversity are able to receive effective provision of good teaching, emotional support, and assistive technology, then the probability of grabbing life’s opportunities and being successful will inevitably increase.

On the 3rd October 2022, Aventido gained a new member of staff who personally can attest to the difference that good provision makes when one is studying with Dyslexia and how hard it can be, being a student when not receiving the support they need.

James Wright joins Aventido as our latest Product Specialist with a focus on Lightkey, our AI-driven word prediction software used by students at University as well as employees within the workplace. James will also be supporting our other products too.

James was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of ten and after a number of tough years in school, he eventually got a place at Mark College, a specialist Dyslexia school that had the resources to support his way of learning. James is Technology Advisory Committee member at the British Dyslexia Association and lives beside the sea in Northern Ireland where he likes to walk his two Cavapoo dogs, Mille and Bonnie on the beach.

We asked James to share some thoughts about why Assistive Technology is important.

Living with Dyslexia can make life constantly challenging. Just think of how often you write, read, and communicate in your daily life. Struggling with those important functions can be extremely frustrating not just for those of us dealing with it, but also for those around us which only frustrates us more.

For me, education was a nightmare. It was really difficult to get the support I needed because the schools I attended just simply didn’t have the knowledge and the tools to help me. That is unfortunately something that I didn’t understand until I was older, so when I finally got the support I needed, I had a deep distrust of the education system. Thankfully they got me through school!

That’s why I think it’s vital to get the right support as early as possible and during all school years. There has never been a better time to create an accessible space with assistive technology because there are many tools that are easily available and quick to learn. Learning how to use assistive technology can make a great difference to children during class when studying, reading, or taking exams. There is a wide selection of Assistive Technology available that can be used to fit every learning style and level the playing field for young people and adults with Dyslexia and other Neurodiversities.

Assistive Technology offers tools like Mindmapping, Typing Prediction, or Text-To-Speech which gives schools and workplaces a cost-effective, discreet, and life-changing solution for many people.

We all need a little extra help sometimes, and that’s why I truly believe Assistive Technologies are key in helping those of us with Dyslexia.

Welcome James! You are going to fit right in, here at Aventido!

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