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Word prediction and disability: Some useful pointers about Lightkey.

Word prediction and disability: Some useful pointers about Lightkey.

Here at Aventido, we thought we would share some pointers about ‘Word Prediction’ technology and how it can help a user who experiences barriers to writing with good spelling and grammar.

When disability affects one’s day-to-day abilities to do productivity tasks at university or in the workplace, it is important that the most appropriate tools are available to support those tasks.

Word Prediction technology can help to reduce the fear surrounding poor spelling and grammar which in turn helps with boosting cognitive abilities such as focus and concentration.

At Aventido, we represent Lightkey an artificial intelligence-based word prediction tool that can be used by people who experience challenges with spelling and grammar and it can also improve productivity.

The following points give an overview of Lightkey features that help:

  • Dedicated support for the visually impaired: featuring read-aloud for predictions and real-time corrections, as well as new prediction color themes that are optimized for low vision and color blindness. In addition, Lightkey’s installation and setup process is now optimized for screen readers such as JAWS, NVDA and Windows Narrator.

  • Dedicated support for dexterity: optimizing Lightkey’s prediction experience to save as many keystrokes as possible, reducing the physical energy required to create content.

  • Dedicated support for dyslexia: optimizing Lightkey's prediction experience to find the perfect balance between personalizing itself to the user’s writing style while handling typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes.

  • New smart onboarding wizard: Once installed, Lightkey will present a simple wizard of yes/no questions to target various conditions (color blindness, low vision, dexterity, dyslexia, etc.). Once answered, Lightkey will optimize its user experience to best match the user's conditions.

  • Faster loading of Office apps powered by Lightkey: Lightkey's loading process for Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint is now 3-5 times faster.

Useful Tutorials

Lightkey has a number of useful tutorial videos that can be viewed on their website by clicking here.

Meet James Wright, our Lightkey specialist

Aventido is thrilled to be able to welcome, James Wright to the team, and James has come on board to provide resources and education surrounding the use of Lightkey.

James is keen to hear from you if you are an assistive technology practitioner. James also has a number of webinars coming up in November and December that would be useful to anyone who wants to know more about Lightkey. Click the banner below to learn more.


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