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What it's about

Last year, in recognition of the lockdown restrictions, we created a new seasonal online event – The 12 ATs of Christmas. The idea was to change up the usual product demos and to add a festive and personal touch to bring people together.

As last year's event was received so well, we thought we would host the event again to spread some Christmas cheer (and AT knowledge)! The 12 ATs is completely free to attend so please invite your colleagues to have a little festive fun!

The Format

There will be 12 speakers across 12 days and and the opportunity to win a cheeky Christmas gift at each session.

As our last AT quiz was received so well, we decided to round off the 12 ATs of Christmas with a quiz. So keep your ears alert as the answers will be dropped in the presentation throughout the event.


All sessions will run Monday - Thursday, starting at 12pm.

Monday 29th November - FindMyFlow

Tuesday 30th November - Inspiration

Wednesday 1st December - TextAid

Thursday 2nd December - Lexxic


Monday 6th December - John Hicks

Tuesday 7th December - Pro-Study

Wednesday 8th December - Glean

Thursday 9th December - Scanning Pens


Monday 13th December - Oribi

Tuesday 14th December - Brain In Hand

Wednesday 15th December - Lightkey

Thursday 16th December - Aventido Quiz

Register to take part

Please use the below link to register for this event. Although the  webinars will be run across multiple days, you will only need to register once.