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TextAid Webinars
  • Dragon Professional 16 offers an array of powerful features, and Advanced Scripting is one of them. It’s something that's been requested quite frequently by many of you and I'm pleased to invite you to our first webinar showcasing this feature!
Contact Mary

Mary is our ReadSpeaker TextAid Product Specialist, so if you would like to arrange a demonstration or training for your staff, please get in touch and Mary will be happy to assist.

07878 921061

About ReadSpeaker TextAid

ReadSpeaker TextAid is a literacy support tool that works to improve and develop comprehension skills. Using text-to-speech technology, TextAid encourages independent learning and working with its wide range of tools and features including translation, dyslexic-friendly design and OCR capabilities.

A fantastic tool for all, but especially for neurodiverse and EAL users, TextAid not only reduces stress and overwhelm but also builds long-lasting confidence and allows users to find a new passion and motivation for learning and reading.

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