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The home of sector-leading digital assistive technologies.

Whether new, innovative and emerging, or established and industry leading, Aventido are committed to working with organisations who are creating solutions that enable us all to live, learn and work.

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Aventido Ltd

Aventido is an international B2B marketing, distribution and PR agency that combines creativity, experience, insight and fresh ideas to deliver innovative and effective marketing, distribution,  branding and PR in the Assistive Technology sector...


Consultancy   Marketing   Distribution 

Aventido are uniquely positioned to offer clients in-depth insights on commercial growth.​

Strategic focused communications and activities that will enable the growth of your products and services.

Distribution and financial management solutions that allow you to focus on what you do best.


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Whether you are you a software publisher or manufacture in the AT field or looking to work with us, get in touch or find out more.


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What our clients say about us


Aventido has been a fundamental partner of Nuance, helping us delivering our message across to DSA assessors, students, schools and more. Their efforts as industry experts are key to our success today and tomorrow and their creative marketing messaging  has allowed us to continue helping you and others through our state of the art assistive technology.


We have been working with Aventido since 2018 and their expertise in the sector has been vital to the successful growth of Pro-Study, especially in establishing a route to the UK DSA Market. Their experience of working in the DSA sector combined with taking their time to understand our product has helped strategically market Pro-Study and identify potential opportunities. They continue to run a highly effective marketing and sales campaign for us including onsite demonstrations, exhibitions and webinars, as a result of this we have seen Pro-Study grow to a Nationwide recognised product. They are professional and committed in their approach and a great team to work alongside. 


Aventido work intelligently to help us connect with the industry and drive growth. They give us the confidence our product is in safe hands, enabling us to focus on the continued development and innovation of FindMyFlow.  

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