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About SpellAssist

SpellAssist - Developed specifically to support those with spelling difficulties during their academic studies.



SpellAssist Contains three pieces of software in one to insure you can concentrate on your written work and get your ideas down, there’s no need to worry about any potential spelling mistakes or Typos you might be making.


SpellAssist contains an advanced autocorrection, word prediction, and specialist dyslexia spell checker all in the same product.


With our autocorrection technology, SpellAssist will correct common spelling errors automatically and allow the user to carry on getting their thoughts and words down in written format. SpellAssist also has a built-in word Prediction capability as well and utilises our “Audio-image word prediction” technology. This means that in many cases you can spell a word as it sounds, e.g. jonrer (genre), sinama (cinema), and SpellAssist will give correct word suggestions.


As well as Autocorrection and Word Prediction, SpellAssist also benefits from our tried and tested spell checking software, Verity Spell. This gives users an advanced spell checker and support for Grammar mistakes as well.

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Contact Antony

Antony is our Product Specialist for SpellAssist, so if you would like to arrange a demonstration or training for your staff, please get in touch and Antony will be happy to assist.

07792 387991

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