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What is it like to be dyslexic in the workplace?

For individuals with a dyslexia diagnosis, the experience of having what one needs to be able to work at their best, varies across their lifetime in terms of intervention.

Throughout the education system from Primary Education and onwards into Secondary Education, having support in place for dyslexic students varies according to school and Local Authority prioritisation of resources. With no clear system of support in place, many students navigate their way through the education system with no diagnosis or support.

If the individual reaches Higher Education then they are eligible for support via the UK Government’s Disabled Student’s Allowance Scheme. Once their Higher Education experience has come to an end, the individual may then be ready to enter the workplace.

So, what is it like to be dyslexic in the workplace, and what support is available to help the individual work at their best?

A personal account of being dyslexic in the workplace by Nikita Archer.

The wonderful Nikita Archer from our team was recently interviewed by John Hicks about her experience of transitioning from life at university through to then managing her dyslexia within the workplace.

In the video below, Nikita talks about when she was diagnosed at University and what might have happened had she not have been diagnosed. She talks about what it was like to apply for jobs and the dilemma of whether or not to disclose that she is dyslexic and how in working at Aventido she feels like her challenges are understood and how access to assistive technology empowers her to work at her best.

In the above video, Nikita talks about how she uses text to speech to proofread her written work. She also mentions how she has been able to boost productivity as well as her confidence by using the real-time spelling and grammar checker, Lightkey. Using Lightkey has saved her many hours of time with her written work leaving her free to focus on doing what she does best, working with people to help them find assistive technology that works for them.

If you would like to find out more about Lightkey, then click the banner below to arrange a call with Nikita, and see the software for yourself.


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