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Aventido Champions Classroom Inclusion with 'Design Your Own AT Superhero' Competition

At Aventido, we believe in the power of inclusivity and accessibility. That's why we recently hosted a nationwide competition that aimed to spark creativity and awareness surrounding assistive technology (AT) in classrooms. The response was incredible, with primary school children from up and down the country showcasing their talent and imagination by designing their very own AT superheroes and providing us with a short description of what AT means to them.

Announcing our Competition Winner

One shining example of this creativity came from Eliza, a year six student from St Thomas Moore Catholic Primary School in Cheltenham. Eliza's insightful understanding of the connection between AT and mental well-being impressed our judges and earned her the title of competition winner.

To celebrate her achievement, our COO, Matt Dean, had the pleasure of visiting St Thomas Moore Catholic Primary School to present Eliza with the prize she had won for her school; a bundle of essential AT for the classroom. This bundle includes literacy support software ReadSpeaker TextAid, a ScanMarker Pro reading pen, noise-reducing earplugs from dBud, access to the British Sign Language learning app Bright BSL, and dictation software Nuance Dragon. The award aims to empower Eliza's school with resources that facilitate inclusive learning environments for all students.

Aventido COO Matt Dean presents Eliza, the winner of our AT Superhero Competition with her prize

Breaking Down Barriers

At Aventido, we're passionate about breaking down barriers within classrooms and workplaces. We believe that embracing neurodiversity should be celebrated and that equal opportunities in education and employment are fundamental rights for all individuals.

"Eliza's exceptional entry underscores the importance of understanding the profound impact AT can have on mental health and overall inclusivity," said Matt Dean. "We are dedicated to championing accessibility solutions that empower individuals like Eliza to thrive academically and later on in life, professionally."

Our commitment to accessibility and inclusion drives positive change not just in education, but beyond. Initiatives like the 'Design Your Own AT Superhero' competition inspire innovation and foster a culture of inclusivity for generations to come.

To learn more about us and our dedication to accessibility solutions, contact our team today to book a 1-2-1 product demonstration by emailing


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