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DATEurope Announcement from Aventido

The team at Aventido believe in how empowering technology can be in supporting individuals with disabilities in unlocking their potential. The team also believes that in order to be able to reach as many people as possible with the technology that they need, as a company, Aventido must develop collaborative links and opportunities that build awareness of disability and inclusion and the part that technology plays in leveling the playing field for all involved.

One way that Aventido achieves this is within the voluntary work that our Directors, Antony Ruck and Matt Dean deliver within the UK and across Europe in organisations that seek to develop good practice and raise awareness surrounding the provision of digital assistive technology.

Today Aventido is announcing the formal appointment of Antony Ruck as Co-President of DATEurope.

DATEurope, Europe’s Digital Assistive Technology Industry Association seeks to unite the digital assistive technology industry and share information and best practice so as to better enable the access of digital assistive technology for all.

To do this, the organisation brings together many members across Europe to influence legislation, awareness, sustainability, growth, and commerce.

Speaking from the Assistive Technology Forum being held in Nottwil, Switzerland, Antony Ruck said the following about his appointment:

“It is a great honour to be appointed as Co-President of DATEurope. It is through collaboration between organisations seeking to empower those with disabilities, that individuals can enjoy opportunity and improved quality of life. As Co-President, with Christoph Jo. Müller, we intend to lead this organisation in influencing legislation and developing best practice within the Digital Assistive Technology industry so that access to this essential technology is made more widely available to those that need it.”

More information about DATEurope can be found by clicking here.


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