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How to save time when writing reports in the workplace.

How to save time when writing reports in the workplace

In a recent article, we explored how to boost confidence when writing with artificial intelligence. In the workplace, if one is neurodiverse challenges associated with spelling and grammar and fine motor movement of the fingers could make the task of writing with a keyboard difficult, slow and overwhelming.

Being able to write using a keyboard knowing that even if one makes mistakes, some form of spelling and grammar checker will be available to help correct those mistakes, can be reassuring and reduce overwhelm.

The workflow for most spelling and grammar checking apps relies on the individual typing their copy first and then for the app to check the spelling and grammar. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this style of process, it does mean that the process is a two-step process. The first step being to write and the second step being to check for mistakes.

For the most part, this two-step process works for many and there is no real need to change however if you are looking for a saving in time then surely making the two-step process a one-step process can only be helpful.

Artificial Intelligence can increase writing productivity with a one-step process.

When typing within apps such as Microsoft Word whenever there are spelling mistakes the software indicates the errors by underlining the misspelt words. This is helpful for identifying errors in writing but it either requires disturbing the creative flow and thus slowing the writing process or the writer can simply ignore until they are finished and then go back through the document right-mouse clicking every error to ensure accuracy.

At Aventido, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to help with spelling and grammar using a program called Lightkey that works with the writer throughout the creative flow by using AI to predict the next word or multiple words that need to be typed. The more one uses Lightkey, the more it learns the way that the individual writes and conveniently makes suggestions for words and common phrases. In fact, for many writers with dyslexia, they are often not consistent with how they make mistakes with the same words, but Lightkey accounts for that with contextual suggestions along the way that can be selected simply by pressing the Tab key to accept the suggestion.

This is good because the writer doesn’t have to stop typing or go backwards along the document to make amendments. The direction of creative writing flow is always forwards and Lightkey reduces keystrokes along the way thus making the actual writing time faster than conventional typing.

The video below illustrates how this works:

What is your experience of typing in the workplace?

Are you frustrated with how productivity is affected by challenges with typing?

Our very own Nikita at Aventido is our product specialist for Lightkey and often runs demonstrations and webinars showing how to save time and improve confidence with typing. Click the banner below to find out more.


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