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Aventido is supporting three charities this Christmas. Find out how you can help support them too.

Aventido is supporting three charities this Christmas. Find out how you can help support them too.

Every year Aventido selects a number of charities that they want to support at Christmas.

The charities in question are not necessarily related to the core business of Assistive Technology but are charities that staff at Aventido care about. It is a great opportunity for the company to give back, especially at a time when funding for charities is extremely difficult.

In this article we would like to showcase who those charities are and provide a link for you to click on should you want to know more about them and would like to support them too.

R;PPLE Suicide Prevention

In November 2020 Alice Hendy lost her brother, Josh to suicide. Josh was 21 and had been researching ways in which to end his life via harmful internet searches.

Alice realised that for individuals who are conducting harmful internet searches in order to find ways to end their lives, there was a lack of support available, right then, right in that moment of searching.

Alice went on to develop R;pple an online interceptive tool designed to ensure that more help and support is provided to individuals who are taking part in these internet searches.

The app itself has been downloaded over a million times and has saved countless lives.

The video below shows Alice talking about why she developed R;pple.

At Aventido, we believe in technology being used for good and R;pple is one of the best examples and we are proud to be able to donate to them this year. Find out more about R;pple by clicking here.

The Wallich

Based in Wales, The Wallich is a charity that is tackling homelessness by getting people off the streets, putting initiatives in place to keep people off the streets, and then creating opportunities to utilise skills or new skills within the voluntary and workplace sectors or to go back into education.

The video below talks about the work of The Wallich.

The Wallich bring hope to those who find themselves marginalised and living on the streets in Wales. We absolutely love it when people start to feel hope and this results in positive change, so we are proud to be supporting them at this time. Find out more about The Wallich by clicking here.

East Cheshire Hospice

Based in Macclesfield, East Cheshire Hospice has been caring for people suffering from life-limiting illnesses since 1988. With the motto of “Where people come to live.” the hospice puts clinical care at the start of the journey and interweaves that care with ensuring that they are meeting the needs and wishes of their patients whilst also supporting family and carers.

Check out the video below to see more about East Cheshire Hospice.

With only 17% of their funding coming from the government, the remainder of their funding comes from donations from within the communities that they serve.

We are thrilled to be in a position to make a donation to them this year. More information about the East Cheshire Hospice can be found here.

Join us for the 12 ATs of Christmas where Alice Hendy from R;pple will be joining us. Click the banner below to register.


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