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Unlock the Power of Text-to-Speech with ReadSpeaker TextAid’s New Bookmarklet Feature

Unlock the Power of Text-to-Speech with ReadSpeaker TextAid’s New Bookmarklet Feature
Unlock the Power of Text-to-Speech with ReadSpeaker TextAid’s New Bookmarklet Feature

We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to the ReadSpeaker TextAid toolkit: the TextAid Bookmarklet. This innovative tool brings the power of ReadSpeaker to every device, including phones and tablets, and makes accessing and comprehending digital content easier than ever.

Seamless Reading on Any Device

The Bookmarklet feature ensures that users can listen to any website’s content on the go. With this feature, a mobile device transforms into a versatile reading assistant. It’s particularly beneficial for users who prefer auditory learning or need help with reading tasks due to visual impairments or learning differences.

Key Features of the ReadSpeaker TextAid Bookmarklet

  1. Text Enlargement: Navigating content on smaller screens can be challenging. The Bookmarklet allows users to enlarge the text, enhancing readability on phones or tablets. This feature is a boost for those who struggle with small fonts and want a more comfortable reading experience.

  2. Click and Listen: Gone are the days of tediously selecting text. The user can simply click or tap on a section, and the Bookmarklet will start reading it aloud. This feature saves time and effort, making it easier to consume information quickly and efficiently.

  3. Reading Ruler: The Bookmarklet’s reading ruler helps users follow the text line by line, improving focus and comprehension.

  4. Customisable Text Mode: For those who need specific visual settings to read comfortably, Text Mode is a game-changer. Users can adjust background colour, spacing, font style, size, and colour, tailoring the reading environment to their needs. This customisation can significantly reduce eye strain and improve reading speed and understanding.

  5. Integration with TextAid Account: If users come across valuable information they want to use later, the Bookmarklet allows them to select text and save it directly to their TextAid account. This feature is especially useful for students and professionals who need to compile research or reference material for assignments and projects.

  6. Voice and Language Customisation: Users can personalise their listening experience by adjusting the voice style, language, speed, and highlighting options. Whether they prefer a slow, clear narration or a faster pace, the Bookmarklet adapts to their preferences, making the content more accessible and engaging.

How to Get Started

Using the ReadSpeaker TextAid Bookmarklet is straightforward. Add the Bookmarklet from WebReading in TextAid, to the browser’s bookmarks bar on computers and Chromebooks and follow the simple instructions to set it up on a phone or tablet. Simply navigate to any website, click the Bookmarklet, and start enjoying the benefits of enhanced accessibility and convenience.


The Bookmarklet is more than just a reading tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for making digital content accessible and enjoyable on any device. At Aventido, we are committed to providing tools that empower users to overcome reading challenges and achieve their full potential. If you’d like to learn more about the Bookmarklet feature, click here to arrange a demo with our product specialist Mary. 

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Thank you Mary! It's always exciting to see new features, and you've made it really easy for me to see how I can get started with these bookmarklets. I much prefer listening to my content and I'd totally forgotten about how useful TextAid can be on my phone. This has motivated me to get back to using it more so I don't need to wrestle with bookmarks across different browsers and apps!

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